How to Make Cats and Kids to Get Along

It is about time that you decided to enrich your lives by adding a new feline member to your family. Consider the following steps to make sure that you, your kids and cat have a healthy relationship:

Opt for the Right Cat

Families should go for a cat at least 4 months old which is extra sociable. Refrain from apprehensive cats and those that do not like to be cared for. Also, keep away from cats that tend to be hostile to people.

Get Properly Introduced

While it is natural for a cat to get stressed during the first days in her new home, it can be too exciting for any kid. Therefore, it is essential to keep a balance between your child’s excitement for being with the cat and the kitty’s need to adjust and spend time alone. Give your feline pet a peaceful and quiet spot in your home. However, this should not be in the child’s room if your children are below 10. Let the cat gradually adapt to the new surroundings.

Safe Areas

Cats should be able to go where they want to, whether on top of a tree or above a small gate. So, kids should learn to respect these places to ensure a cat that she will not be dragged out of them. When you have a toddler, make sure he/she does not have any access to these spaces. When your kids are older, you can let them understand why they need to follow such rules.

Educate your Kids

It is very advantageous to teach your kids about cat behavior. Educate them about their usual body language to know if the cat is happy or needs time alone. There are a number of great books, handouts as well as videos on these topics.

Have Fun

Kids of all ages can participate in cat care, including feeding, grooming, cleaning the

litter box, playing with interactive toys like fishing, among others. The kid and cat alike will feel good with these kinds of positive interactions.

Observe Safety

When a cat is chased or handled improperly when trying to run away, she could accidentally or defensively scratch your child. So, it is important to teach proper handling and trim the cat’s nails on a regular basis.

Do not Disturb

Your kids should learn how to respect the territory of cats wherever and whenever they eat, drink or sleep as well and to avoid disturbing a cat approaching or using the litter box.

Teach by Example

Show your kids the way you handle the cat with respect and teach them why this needs to be done and do not engage the kitty in rough play.

Source by Karina Popa

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