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Caring For Cats – Cat Flaps

Every cat owner knows what divergent creatures cats are – they want to be outside then they want to be inside; at 4.00 am they jump on your head and pester you in their own unique way demanding to go out – half an hour later, they’re caterwauling outside the window demanding to be let back in. So you stumble bleary-eyed from the haven of your duvet to let your little darling back into the house. Then, unbelievably, a tweeting bird in a tree half a mile away causes such consternation for your feline friend that it’s easier just to turn out from under your newly-warmed duvet to deposit the contrary creature back outside onto the patio. At the first sign of moisture in the air, your cat will want to be inside and at the first hint of sunshine it’s the outdoor life they crave.

It’s little wonder then that the majority of cat owners choose to fit a cat flap – it’s a simple solution and allows our feline friends to come and go as they feel they have a right to, without hard-working, oft-scorned domestic servants (yes, that’s you) having to jump every time these contrary creatures exercise their feline prerogative and change their minds about where they want to be – again.

Yes, a cat flap is, on the face of it, the perfect solution; but then you come to the crunch question “Which cat flap do I choose that’s suitable for my home and cat?”

The Staywell/ Petsafe Manual 4-Way Locking Classic Cat Flap is an excellent product, designed specifically for our feline friends. It has a good degree of security and is effective for keeping out strays and other animals – except of course the ones our little darlings choose to bring home and present to us as presents… It has a clear, tough flap which is fully waterproof. It is easy to install in most doors or if you prefer can even be installed on an outside wall or window. It is suitable for use with cats up to 7kg in weight, has four locking options:

In only/out only


with a manual four-way locking system and is reasonably priced.

When it comes to providing independence for our feline buddies, a cat flap is second-to-none. As it provides instant access to outdoors it inevitably will increase the exercise levels of your cat, thus promoting good health, lowering the risk of obesity and associated illness such as diabetes. The cat flap also gives instant access back to the safety of your cat’s “fortress” which is, after all, what he considers your home to be. This instant access provides peace of mind, comfort and security for your cat should he or she feel the need to escape from potential attack or simply to come in out of the rain. If you are at work during the day, a cat flaps removes the inconvenience of your little prince or princess being stuck outside or contrariwise, stuck indoors until you return home.

Source by Alex Kelly

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